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My name is Chris Page.  I’ve thrown up this site as a sort of  journal and presence where I can blog my happenings and interests in hopes of helping myself, but also as a way to contribute something to the bigger community of programmers that may stumble upon me.  By trade, I’m a Sr Software Engineer aka: “virtual craftsman”.

High up view of work experience

My work experience starts in 1999 as an intern for MCI WorldCom, and moves up towards the last 10 years developing extensive entrepreneurial engineering experience as a ground floor engineer at multiple start-up companies.  In addition to being a start-up junkie, I’ve extensive experience consulting, particularly in frontend and middleware architecture for small to medium-sized companies.

My areas of interest lye in LAMP style development, Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, and Business Development.  I have experience building and maintaining large scale, high traffic web companies from the ground up.  I’ve been a project lead and manager in numerous situations, and have supported high profile clients.  I’m generally multi-tasking several projects and start ups at a time – and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just a little more…

Once upon a time… I authored an open source PHP5 MVC Web Framework, coined Typhoon, which was at one point in production on several sites. However, I’ve stopped development and deprecated the framework, as I must have been out of my mind to want to build “another” web framework! Now I only maintain the repository as a sort of show case of a my younger, even more naive years.

I love what I do for a living.  I’m a team player, and total geek!

I understand the power of networking and often take advantage of it, visit my LinkedIn Profile.

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