Social Networks are cool, social networks are fun, they make their food, from … well, everyone.

Apr 08

So, you’d think the hype around social networks would be long gone by now? NOT! I actually think we’re just getting to the good part. Despite however our economy is doing, there is still lots of money to be made in social networking if you know where to look.

All the easy stuff is out of the way by now, and even much of the obvious stuff at the level after that is done or underway. So where do you look? I’ll tell you: “integration with all the niches”.

We’re at a point where networks are driving traffic from one to another. It’s a lot of the same users, trying on different shoes. You can be king of your throne one day, and find out 20,000 users just leaped to Facebook the next.

Don’t quote me to anybody important too fast, but just food for thought: I think the next successful social network move is one that keeps you linked in no matter where you are. Wether that be more with mobile devices bringing the off-line world online, technologies such as Open Social or OpenID linking gaps from site to site, platforms for extending social sites to niches — possibly allowing niches to take advantage of the rich user base of larger sites?

I know there is a lot of debate on this, mostly because everybody is trying to come up with the next scheme! So what’s it gonna be……

Btw, I’ve been getting an eery feeling that my laptop is tapped? How common is that? I won’t explain what happened in this post, maybe the next.

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