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Gym Class Heroes in NYC

Nov 28

As usual, it’s been awhile since the last post. As for pictures say a thousand words update:

Gym Class Heros at Lockerz Launch Party in NYC

Not pictured: “open bar, rock. the lockerz staff enjoying said open bar, rock. hundreds of lockerz fans enjoying the concert, rock. a great meal at the cafeteria in NYC, rock. oh, and Manhattan, ROCK!” Needless to say we had a blast! Thanks to all those supporting Lockerz, and all those who worked hard to throw an awesome launch party, as well as all those who continue to work hard every day to take the company to the next level!

In other news, we’ve been pouring our blood and sweat into work and home – doesn’t mean it hurts though 😉 My long time heterosexual life mate visited from Chicago over the weekend – we had a great time and already miss his company. In addition to his visit, my long time friend, college room mate, and colleague, Drew Kerrigan, stayed for 2 weeks as he joined Lockerz this month and is relocating from NoVA! A special congratulations to him!

So now we have at least 3 huge Diablo 3 fans ( Anthony, Myself, and Drew ) ready to pour vacation time down the drain 🙂

One last note! Happy birthday Peter!

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  1. amberdpage says:

    Vaca time for diablo huh?? lol

  2. amberdpage says:

    Vaca time for diablo huh?? lol

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