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Dofus – Game of My Year + Strategy

Jun 28

So, all my friends seem involved in all these new, graphically intense, state of the art games. I’ve been lingering back a little in games that perhaps come off a little more “old school”. I can’t help it. Super Nintendo was my favorite system, I gravitate towards the look and feel.

Now for the game I’ve been pecking away at for the last year, Dofus – a MMORPG that hits the spot nicely for me. The game was started in France where it’s hugely popular, and later translated to many languages – including, of course, English. I read somewhere that there are 10 million players worldwide. A sequel ( that looks excellent ) is currently in closed beta: Wakfu

Like the previous game I wrote about, World War for the Android, Dofus offers to me a game that I don’t have to intensely keep up with to play. I peck at it. Every so often I’ll log in, fight a few monsters, mine some ore, setup shop, and logout.

Not having a lot of time to level my character via fighting monsters for hours on end, I’ve found particular enjoyment experimenting with the logged out dynamics of the game with the game’s market. For the last several months, I’ve been creating monopolies in the game, which gets my rocks on some level or another ha, ie:

Monopoly Strategy #1:

Buy out all the dungeon keys to Gobball dungeon in the main town centers from all the key makers, then sit at the dungeon entrance and sell them for 3x’s the price. When others try to copy the strategy and undercut my price, I’ll buy out all their merchandise and up my prices. This is an aspect of the game that can be done very casually, by only requiring I occasionally login for a few mins every few days steadily watching my in-game fortune grow and monitoring the market for other trends where I can jump in for an easy win. Kinda like playing stocks ha.

Haha, nerdy I know.

Anyways, if anybody out there decides to give the game a shot, drop me a message – I play on server “Solar”.

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