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North America Wakfu Closed Beta Keys

Jun 28

So, I just wrote about Dofus last night, a game I’ve been enjoying for close to a year, and mentioned it’s sequel, Wakfu. Shortly after, I decided to check up on progress of the sequel. It’s in a closed beta in North America right now, and likely won’t be released to the public for quite some time. In my excitement though, I thought I’d search around and see if I could get involved in the beta – surely a contest was giving out beta keys?

A brief search turned no avail, so I posted to the Wakfu forums, and somebody got in touch with me by the next morning. They recommended I go to which was still giving out beta keys for North America.

Sure enough, I had to signup for a free fileplanet account ( no big deal ), and had my beta key in a few minutes, success!

I’ve yet to dive deep, but I’m already very much enjoying the improvements. This is going to be good, I can tell. Below is the official game trailer featuring cinematic and actual game play! Enjoy!

If anybody wants to try out the beta with me – shoot me a message!

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  1. Alex says:

    if you have anymore keys i would love one.. .this game seems really interesting to me.

    also a very late i know… just found out about this game ^^;

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