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AdKeeper to Launch

Nov 22

AdKeeper's latest product,

As you many of you already know, I’m a proud member of the AdKeeper team. We’ve been laying a little low for a few months, and here’s part of the reason: We’re launching a new product,!

For an explanation, I’ve decided to simply quote our CEO ( with permission, of course ), as he wrote it best in an email earlier today:

Not a change of course/emphasis – but something new/incremental. We’re very happy with the core biz.

Since we began beta in Feb. we’ve rolled out 10+ Billion buttons across the web. Making this tech easy and seamless was the first order of business – and you may have noticed our deal with Safecount last week that now lets us take a single line of code and drop it into ad tags with partners. This is the beginning of spreading buttons wider and is very exciting. We very much believe Keep buttons will be on “all” ads.

We now not only have the biggest, best group of advertisers for a new media property, ever… we’re certified on every web site in the world and now we make ad tagging/ops way easier. Eric Schmidt’s recent comment about how hard it is to do ad tech resonates with all of us.

And, to top it off – fresh research shows that 23% of users feel better about a brand just seeing the button that let’s them “Keep ad for later”… and we’re getting 50x clicks and 20x view time on Kept ads. That’s the button side of things.

On the destination front (which is where plays), some of our guys fell in love with a tweaked metaphor for deeper engagement with Brands. I told them to have at… our version of Google’s 20% “do what you want program.”

I liked what they’re doing so much that I gave them one of our fun parked URL’s… We’ll be working it for a bit before going wide – but needed to start getting some folks in to kick the tires… thus the proverbial velvet rope. Sign up… maybe we’ll let you in 🙂

— Scott Kurnit, AdKeeper CEO

All of that stated, if you’re interested in checking out the new product the day it launches ( very soon ), sign up at our launch page and… maybe we’ll let you in 🙂

Happy Keeping!

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