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TalkToTheManager – Every Cell Phone is a Comment Card

Mar 08
Every cell phone is a comment card

Talk to the Manager - Every cell phone is a comment card

I know quite a few talented folks, another friend of mine just launched:

I really think this has a lot of potential to kick off. You know those customer feedback cards in restaurants and hotels that you’re asked to fill out once in awhile? And every once in awhile you do? This takes that concept to the new century, using cell phones.

Imagine sitting in a restaurant, and the bathroom is just gross – you text anonymously to a number that you notice on a card laid out on the table, the feedback is sent to the owner, manager on staff, etc, instantly and anonymously. They can very quickly, either respond, or remedy the problem, or likely ( and hopefully in this scenario ), both. Now – it doesn’t have to be bad feedback, it can actually be good feedback too — ie: “Sally is a wonderful waitress, she really went above and beyond, thank you, we’ll be back”, etc.

It’s a great tool for businesses to dig down into what’s happening in their business. Particularly if the upper management is more removed, ie, chain owners.

I talked to a few businesses about this while I was out and about earlier this week, and sure enough, there was interest. I think a huge win for TalkToTheManager is if a hotel chain grabs this – then you are gold sir.

The service is $15/month for businesses, and free for end-users. Check it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this somewhere sometime in the near future.

Nice job.

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