Consulting Software Engineer | Chris Page


I’ve spent a decade in technology startups – you do a lot in startup.

I’ve been a consultant, an employee, a founder, a leader. I’ve helped kick off more than a handful of ventures ( more than 10 ) from different perspectives: as a strategist and adviser to a guy on the ground with my hands in the code.

I’ve been a lead engineer many times, I’ve managed teams, I’ve ran my own office, I’ve worked remotely with companies with a great bit of success, I’ve also traveled, a lot.

I’ve joined ventures at small to medium size levels. By small, I mean really small, “Ramen Noodle” small. I’ve also enjoyed some of the perks of major VC backed ventures with 100 people on board. I’ve managed scale, and put out plenty of fires – I’ve also started fires. I know pressure, he lives next door – we get along fairly well.

I’m currently consulting in realms of technology strategy, software architecture, and mixed management/hands-on code development. If you’re in the technology industry and looking for an experienced expert to jump start a team or project, I may be of assistance to you and your company – reach out to me.

  • Career focus on growing engineering for early stage technology startups.
  • Multiple Hat Wearer – Mixed management / architect / coder / dev ops.
  • Serial engineering lead for small (1-10 employees) through mid size (50-100 employees) companies.
  • Survived companies through acquisitions, multiple rounds of funding, to profitability.
  • Versed in numerous languages and technologies. “Right tool, for the right job.”
  • Experience scaling high traffic systems – millions of users, trillions of server hits.

PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Javascript, MySQL, NoSQL, Dev Ops, Service Oriented Architecture, LAMP Stack, Project/Product Management, Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Lean Startup, Test Driven Development, Linux, Process Definition, Deployment, Change Management